Cyber Risk Consulting

Response planning and Business Continuity planning is critical to viability of all businesses.

Our Cyber Risk Consulting and Response Planning works with the Security and Insurance services to provide comprehensive support to your business.

We will provide:

  • Business Continuity Plans for various Cyber attacks and breaches. This will be set guided action items for addressing Cyber related Crisis and scenarios.

  • Bespoke response planning for Security and IT teams, along with reporting mechanisms to management and Board.

  • Support to get you business back-up as soon as possible, depending on the nature and sizer of the breach.

When there is a significant loss of data, breach and hacking event, you will need to contact experts in the field. We can provide access these in the field including:

  • Legal Specialist in Cyber

  • IT Forensics

  • Data Extortion

  • Public Relations

These plans can be in place without using our security products. It allows businesses to have procedures in place in cases of any crisis and design specific responses for scenarios.

In addition we provide:

  • User Training and Education

  • Monitoring of Strategies

  • Regular evaluation 

  • Risk Assessments

  • Regulatory Support

  • Compliance Assistance